"You’ll see, when she smiles, you’ll love her.”

— Ofelia in Pan’s Labyrinth (2006)
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“Discover why you’re important, then refuse to settle for anyone who doesn’t completely agree.”

—   Fisher Amelie, Thomas & January (via girlsjunk)

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“Everything you can imagine is real.”

—   Pablo Picasso (via observando)

“Maturing is realizing how many things don’t require your comment.”

—   Rachel Wolchin  (via pnko)

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“One hears it a lot on airplanes: “Make sure you have your own mask on, before helping others with theirs.””

—   Daniel Handler (Lemony Snicket), upon being asked "What’s your very best life advice?"  (via n-xi)

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“She needs a new journal. The one she has is problematic. To get to the present, she needs to page through the past, and when she does, she remembers things, and her new journal entries become, for the most part, reactions to the days she regrets, wants to correct, rewrite.”

—   Dave Eggers, How the Water Feels to the Fishes (via observando)

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“If you find yourself thinking “Wait. Can’t say that. He’ll think I’m weird and fucked up.” Ditch them and find someone who responds with something twice as weird and three times as fucked up.”

—   Jeremiah Van Guilder (via lullabysounds)

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“I think I might always be in some kind of love with you.”

—   F. Cabanes (via pinkrobotboogaloo)

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“I can’t think of anything but nights with you.”

—   Zelda Fitzgerald to Scott Fitzgerald, 1919 (via larmoyante)

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“Sometimes when you meet someone, there’s a click. I don’t believe in love at first sight but I believe in that click.”

—   Ann Aguirre, Blue Diablo (via simply-quotes)

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“She felt very old and mature and wise - which showed how young she was.”

—   Anne of the Island by L.M. Montgomery (via seekingthespheres)


“I thought she was sleeping until I heard her call out from across the room, “Will you bring me a glass of water?” I did. Then in her always-sleepy tone and drawl she said, “Do you remember when you were a little boy and you would ask your mama to bring you a glass of water?” Yeah. “You know how half the time you weren’t even thirsty. You just wanted that hand that was attached to that glass that was attached to that person you just wanted to stay there until you fell asleep.” She took the glass of water that I brought her and just sat it down full on the table next to her. Wow, I thought. What am I gonna do with love like this.”

— One Night from Dito Montiel’s A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints 

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“I am a feminist. I’ve been female for a long time now. I’d be stupid not to be on my own side.”

—   Maya Angelou (via robert-winchester-novak)

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“You’re trying not to tell him you love him, and you’re trying to choke down the feeling, and you’re trembling, but he reaches over and he touches you, like a prayer for which no words exist, and you feel your heart taking root in your body, like you’ve discovered something you don’t even have a name for.”

—   Richard Siken  (via candlewinds)

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“When you’re scared but you still do it anyway, that’s brave.”

—   Coraline by Neil Gaiman. (via bestbookquotes)

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“The best feeling in the world is knowing your presence and absence both mean something to someone.”

—   Unknown (via suspend)

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